How Your Personality Impacts Your Communication

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Are there some people you work better with than others? You find a mutual understanding and respect with these people and collaboration comes easily.

And then there are the other people. When you’re working with them it’s like they’re speaking a foreign language. They have a certain way of working that drives you crazy. You don’t understand each other, and working together is work in itself.

I’ve done numerous trainings for corporations to equip their employees to communicate effectively with everyone both personally and professionally. I love what I do because invariably the participants all have “a-ha” moments as they gain a better understanding of themselves and those they work with. Understanding personality types equips you to better communicate. You learn to tailor your conversation so that your listeners can understand what you’re saying.

“A person hears only what they understand.” Goethe

Collectively each personality brings a unique perspective and skill-set to the table that adds value to the equation whether personally or professionally.

PhotoCredit: Compfight.letempleduchemisier. cc

PhotoCredit: Compfight.letempleduchemisier. cc

There are several dynamics unique to each personality type:

  • Communication styles.
  • Key strengths that help each to be successful.
  • Achilles Heels that prevent each from having what they want most in life.
  • Characteristic responses to stress and reactions to stress in others.

Understanding each personality type will equip you to gain a better understanding of yourself and those you live and work with.

The Four Personality Types and communication.

1. Leader – Leaders like to lead others. Their unique strengths lie in their ability to see the future; the big picture. They see what others can’t. Effective leaders communicate their vision in a compelling way that makes others want to follow. When communicating with a Leader-type, keep your communication short and to the point – Be brief, be bright, be gone. Have your ducks in a row. Tell them only what they need to know and be clear and concise in your communication.

2. Free-Spirit – Free-Spirits value the freedom to learn, explore and innovate. They are excellent problem solvers and enjoy adventure whether it’s physical, intellectual or experiential. They think outside the box naturally and like new, latest and cutting edge ideas. When communicating with a Free-Spirit type keep your mind open to new a creative ways of doing things – Be real, be now, have fun.

3. Task – Task people like structure and organization. Their strengths lie in being disciplined, reliable and responsible. They are process and detail oriented. When communicating with a Task-type respect the process – Be punctual, be thorough and be prepared.

4. People – People types like harmony and connecting with others. Their strengths are being good communicators, motivators and working well with teams. They connect with people on a personal level and are caring and compassionate. When communicating with a People-type get to know them – Be available, be supportive and be with them. Make sure you take the time to connect with them first before launching into the “reason” for your time together.

Understanding the personality type of yourself and those around you will equip you to communicate successfully and get results faster. You will spend less time being frustrated by those not like you and learn to communicate in a way they can understand.

This is just a quick snap shot of some of the work I do with personality types. To learn more about personality types, take the assessment or have a workshop for your team contact me today

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